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CI For Prettier

Automatically format your code with Prettier on Github with continuous integration

Zero Code Required

Add and configure Prettier to your project without code or CI scripts. Standard Prettier configuration files work too.

Even Easier For Public Repos

Use Prettier Instant to run Prettier and open a Pull Request on any public repository. No sign-up required.

Status Checks

Prevent code from merging without Prettier, or optionally just warn with a comment.

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Automatic Commits

Opt-in to automatic Prettifying on branches and pull requests. The most seamless way to use Prettier with teams.

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Yes! Any of the configuration in files such as .prettierrc will take precedence over our default configuration. See the Prettier docs for specifics:

By default we check all files in your repo that Prettier supports. The list is quite extensive, including JavaScript, JSON, TypeScript, Markdown, CSS, SASS, Less, and more.

Because we use the Github Apps API, we don't persist API tokens to a database or long-term storage. Per-repo API tokens are stored only in memory on the worker process, and always expire after 10 minutes as per Github's requirements.

Private repositories checkouts are erased from disk after each build and are not cached. Unlike full CI platforms we currently don't execute user-controlled scripts and disable the advanced features of Prettier which would allow it to happen.

Yes! By default automatic commits are disabled. For each repo you can control if automatic commits occur on all branches, only on branches in Pull Requests, only on the master branch, or not at all.

Yes! All public repositories are also publicly accessible on PrettierCI:

Supported Languages

Everything that works in Prettier works on PrettierCI


Open Source

  • For Public Projects


TBD Monthly
  • For Private Repositories
  • Free while in beta

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